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Wiki Contributors are CWS members who volunteer some of their time weekly to the upkeep of the Wiki, as well as creating new pages where necessary.

This role is a subrole much like News Reporters and comes with read-only access to #wiki_to_do and permission to edit and create pages on the wiki.

Anyone with a demonstrable record of activity on CWS can apply to become a Wiki Contributor through a standard application.


  • Clean record (few, if any, warnings or bans)
  • Reasonably active on-server
  • You are expected to make weekly contributions to the wiki.
    • However, making edits for the sake of making edits, and creating pages for the sake of creating pages is not productive (and may result in you losing your role), so during times where activity is low, this requirement may be waived.
    • Ideally you should target 1/2 pages from #wiki_to_do and/or 3/4 edits from the latter per week.
    • Missing this requirement 2 weeks in a row could result in your role being revoked.


  • Users showing consistent and value-adding contributions will be promoted to Senior Wiki Contributor, a Contributors sub-role, and will gain permission to post to-do items in #wiki_to_do as well as some wiki-related permissions to help them contribute more effectively.