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Trial Moderators exist to evaluate the potential of Moderator candidates. Trial Moderators help Moderators by reporting issues and resolving conflicts in the chat, enforcing any applicable rules. Trial Moderators are evaluated for a period of 7 days (although it can be longer) and if they do not demonstrate sufficient potential, are demoted to their original rank(s).

Current Trial Moderators

There are currently no Trial Moderators


Trial Moderators are selected by application. There are 2 rounds of evaluation before a Trial Moderator is chosen. First, a prospective candidate must DM an application to a staff member following a standard format outlined in #rules_and_roles, after which the application is posted in #staff_applications. Upon receipt all staff vote on the application and if sufficient approval is gathered, the candidate is invited for an interview with an Administrator and if possible, any other available staff members. For more information about this process, visit Applying for roles.

Contingent on the result of the interview, the prospective trial mod is promoted and his/her evaluation period begins.