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Structuring Your Wiki Pages

Pages that require proper structure are:

  • Programming Tutorials
  • Guides
  • Help Requests
  • Project Summaries

Help Requests

When asking for help it is crucial that you communicate:

  • Exactly what your problem is (give us any errors + points you are confused about)
  • What you have tried so far? (attach code through hastebin links where applicable)
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, tell us what you want to achieve, there may be better ways, or we will be able to give more solution-specific help.

Programming Tutorials

A programming tutorials MUST be a) Complete and b) Functional. Any parts that are incomplete MUST be clearly indicated as such and the page should have a WORK IN PROGRESS statement at the top if published in an incomplete state.

Library-Specific projects (such as discord bots) should CLEARLY denote the version that the tutorial targets at the top of the page (not necessarily in the title).

Tutorials should be broken down into simple and logical sections which are clearly named and should be sectioned with == This Wiki Markup == so the page contents are automatically indexed.

When code snippets are provided, they should be placed into proper syntax-highlighted blocks (see this guide for more details) and all code should be properly commented + formatted wherever possible.

public static void Main(string[] args)
    Console.WriteLine("This is a code block.");

A tutorial should be laid out roughly according to this structure:

  • Introduction (what the tutorial is going to teach you)
  • Content
    • Here is where your tutorial takes the reader step by step through each section
  • Overview (try to sum up what the reader should have learned, link any relevant pages/further tutorials)


Most guidelines that apply to tutorials apply to Guides as well, however guides may assume previous knowledge. Any assumed knowledge should be outlined at the top of the guide concisely.

Since guides and tutorials share many similarities, essentially the same structure applies, however the Overview does not necessarily have to sum up what the reader should have learned, and can just include useful links.

Project Summaries

When creating a page for any project, there are certain key points that must be addresssed:

  • What language is the project in?
  • What libraries is it based on?
  • What is it for?

Project pages should contain this information in a Technical Specs section, and any additional information should be placed into other sections on the page.

General User Guidelines

  • Be polite when responding to other users.
  • Make every effort to use proper grammar and good English (however if English is not your native language other contributors may help out by editing your pages).
  • Do not advertise or intentionally post incorrect/misleadingly named guides or tutorials.